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Managing Safety.

Safebook is Software to Manage Safety. The safebook platform is designed to handle various levels of safety management.

  1. As a regular company , you can simply use the platform to manage and track all your safety training. You can create reports, print certificates, get notified on expiry, and easily email training reports. This is the lowest cost option for overall safety management. It allows you to be prepared for industry audits, compliance activities and providing proof of competence to your upstream general contractors when required.

  2. As a general contractor you can utilize the platform for all the aforementioned features but also allocate training records to multiple companies you add in the system. This allows you to build a database of training records and competency that represents your subcontractors. This can be very valuable in understanding any risk , liability, and potential quality issues regarding crews working on your projects.

  3. As a HSE / Safety Services Business, these safety management features can be used seamlessly with the Orbital Business Platform for operation safety business data tracking.

    This means that if you provide training or safety services, you can also do all your billing automatically when courses complete, certificates issued, or timesheets are submitted for services rendered. You can bill for sales orders, time billings, fixed billings, track all billable / non-billable hourly contract services with timesheets. Get instant progress updates on fixed bid projects. Manage internal and external course training and scheduling, and much more.

    Combining Safebook with the Orbital Business Platform will give you an all in one solution as a safety company.

More Features!

The safebook platform comes with our powerful Easy Reports Technology. Easy Reports allow you to build your own:

  • General Inspections
  • Hazard Assessments
  • Machine / Datasheet Inspections
  • Workforce Competency Models
  • Surveys
  • Field Level Risk Assessments
Easy Reports can be done through mobile phones, tablets, web browser, or printed on paper.

Ultra Secure

The safety of your data is paramount. Unlike other cloud safety systems, we do not place your data in the same database as other companies. We maintain segregated environments for each customer. All communications to and from your platform are encrypted.

Professional Support

We enjoy communicating with our customers. If you need help you can reach us anytime at support@safebookindustrial.com.

Automatic Updates

No longer do you have to pay for new software. We maintain continuous integration of new features and updates. This ensures you are always on the latest version of our platform.

Parallax Features

Manage all your safety needs on the plant floor or in the field, all through your mobile device.

Search Training

Access training records from your fingertips.

Add Training

Update user profiles on the spot.

Safety Observations

Enact pro-active reporting with behaviour based safety.

Access cloud storage and PDFs

Load and view scanned certificates and PDFs

Phone Image


Conduct an inspection on the spot.


Conduct an audit on the spot.


Measure and update an individual's competency on the spot.

Log Safety Incidents

Record and document near misses, incidents, and close calls.


Our goal is to make safety affordable for all.

Safety Starter


From $9.99 Per Month

Up to 10 employees included and two admins.

Ideal for small business.

Fully Featured Platform

Grow at your own pace.



From 50 cents / Employee Per Month

$5 / Administrator

It is easy to get started with our platform.

You only need a minimum of one admin account.

We are excited to be your solution!

Municipalities / Associations / Institutions

Special Pricing Available

Self Serve Portal for Companies.

Contact us for a quote.

Easily manage over 1,000,000 individuals.

Advanced analytics across all companies and training.

HSE Services & Safety Training Companies


Your Safebook Safety platform is compatible with The Orbital Cloud Business Platform. The Orbital platform is specialized in billing and invoicing safety based services which makes it a perfect fit for your business. Additionally, we can provide operational billing of services such as course training, scheduling, and project based time billing , as well as recurring fixed billings. The integrated cloud storage allows you to attach and manage safety program documents with each client, and or individual projects. You can also easily share the documents and reports you generate with your client.

Production Management

Track production batches and quality straight into Inventory.

Safety Tracking

Perform Audits, Inspections, Job Hazard Assessments, Observations, Incident Logging, FLRAs, LOTOs and more.

Training Management

Manage training & expiry. Create training items and apply them to employees.

Course Scheduling

Create training courses and certificates, schedule internal and externally provided training.

Competency Management

Create and apply competency models to your workforce. Model and Track essential soft skills and workplace task capabilities.

Equipment Inspections

Tag all your equipment, attach data sheets operating manuals and inspection forms. Inspections can be custom built.

Time Tracking

Track time against billable and non-billable projects. Easily invoice and create time billing orders.


Easily create invoices via automated business process or a one off Invoice. Track aging, payment status, and all outstanding.

Payment Processing

Accept online payment for invoices or retail sales directly through our platform. Share payment links or act as a POS.

Shipping & Receiving

Track physical stock arriving on PO or leaving as orders. Create order packing lists and commercial invoices.

Inventory Management

Manage raw and finished stock inventory. Production runs deplete raw stock while orders deplete finished stock upon shipping.

Order Processing

Accept orders in the form of customer online orders, inside or outside sales orders, or from a dealers/agents. Track order lifecycle and view statistics as they convert to final billing and delivery.

Dealer Management

Manage your sales channel of Dealers and Agents. Dealer logins, sales reports, volume metrics. Allows for dealer inventory management of product lines.

Subcontractor Management

Manage competency, training, safety, and assets / equipment for subcontractors. Perform inspections audits and various reporting on these entities.


Full E-Commerce ordering and sales web portal driven off your realtime inventory. Process sales and get paid!

General Accounting

Double Entry Ledger with export and import capability, create a financial model and perform bookkeeping activities.


Understand cost of production, assign cost components to a finished product to understand what products yield the greatest profits and how to optimize production.


Manage companies and individuals, track communications, attach documents, agreements, view business history and much more.

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$5 / Admin      $1 / Employee